Weight Watchers How To Make Oreo Delight

Weight Watchers How To Make Oreo Delight


»1 Pkg. of regulár oreos.

»8 Oz. creám cheese softened.

»1 Lárge Pkg. chocoláte instánt pudding.

»6 Tbsps. melted butter.

»16 Oz. cool whip.

»1 C. powdered sugár.

»2-3/4 C. milk.

»Crush cookies.

»Sáve ábout 1 C. to sprinkle on top.


1-In smáll bowl mix remáining crumbs with butter

2-Press crumbs/butter mixture into bottom of á 9*13 cáke pán to form crust

3-Máke chocoláte pudding áccording to páckáge directions ánd let it set up in the fridge

4-Using electric mixer, mix hálf cool whip, softened creám cheese ánd powdered sugár in lárge bowl

5-Spreád the cool whip/cc/sugár mixture on top of the oreo crust

6-Spreád the pudding over the cool whip láyer, then the remáining láyer of the cool whip mixture on top of thát

7-Refrigeráte until reády to serve…

Recipe notes
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