Bernie Sanders Is the First Candidate to Call for Ban on Facial Recognition

Democratic agent Bernie Sanders just became the aboriginal presidential applicant to alarm for a ban on the use of facial acceptance software by law enforcement. A agent for the Sanders attack said in an email that Sanders affairs on introducing a civic ban on facial acceptance that can be activated on a accompaniment and bounded level.


The alarm for banning facial acceptance was allotment of a beyond plan for law administration blank and bent amends overhaul, which the attack appear to its website on Sunday. The plan, alleged “Justice and Safety for All,” aswell calls for banning for-profit prisons, catastrophe banknote bail, catastrophe aloof confinement, and decriminalizing marijuana.

In May, San Francisco, CA became the aboriginal U.S. city-limits to ban the use of facial acceptance software by law administration and accessible entities. Since then, Oakland, CA; and Somerville, MA accept aswell banned badge from application or accepting facial acceptance software.

Candidate Julian Castro alleged for establishing “guidelines for next-generation surveillance technologies, like facial acceptance technology.” However, no added presidential applicant has alleged for a civic ban on facial acceptance by police. Digital rights advancement accumulation Fight for the Future launched a attack beforehand this year calling for a federal ban on government use of facial acceptance software. The ACLU has alleged for banning facial acceptance on a bounded and accompaniment level, and awkward all use of facial acceptance by federal law enforcement.

Fight for the Future Deputy Director Evan Greer said in a accessible annual that facial acceptance is “one of the a lot of burning threats to our basal abandon and animal rights today.”

“There’s growing bipartisan abutment to rein in biometric surveillance,” Greer said. “Any 2020 applicant that wants to be taken actively on tech and civilian liberties issues needs to be calling for a ban.”

Earlier this year, Democratic presidential applicant Elizabeth Warren alleged for federal regulators to investigate the algorithms that ability banking casework like accommodation lending. Researchers from the University of California Berkeley begin that these casework can discriminate adjoin humans of color. Last July, Applicant Cory Booker and Agent Ron Wyden alleged for a analysis on 39 federal law administration agencies that may use facial recognition. In September, applicant Kamala Harris alleged for the conception of a board that would analysis the federal use of bogus intelligence.

Facial acceptance has been commonly criticized by experts. Consistently, and beyond altered companies, facial acceptance software has been begin to misgender transgender and non-binary individuals, accomplish false-positive matches for humans of color, and not annual for the way that adolescent people’s faces change over time. In one instance abundant in a address by the Georgetown Law Center, the NYPD fed its facial acceptance apparatus with an angel of Woody Harrelson in achievement of anecdotic a Harrelson look-alike a suspect.

source: https://www.vice.com/en_us/article/wjw8ww/bernie-sanders-is-the-first-candidate-to-call-for-ban-on-facial-recognition?utm_source=reddit.com

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